A Marilyn Monroe Annotated Page of Interview Notes


One page of questions typed on Beverly Hills Hotel letterhead that journalist Henry Brandon of The Washington, D.C. Sunday Times sent to Monroe in January, 1960; a number of MM's responses are penciled on the document:  her answer to psychoanalysis helping the actor - "any knowledge about one's self can only help the actor and increase his / understanding / and others - the different characters one has to portray;" her answer to how males from different countries approach women - "unfortunately, I have sufficient exposure in the 'male,' / if they were African, France [sic], / English or American, I doubt / if there would be that much / difference in the / approach;" her answer to what writers influenced her - "most recently, D.H. Lawrence - Sons & Lovers;" and her postscript "include / note thanking him / for plant azalea."  A second page of typed transcript to MM's answers is attached, with a few additional questions noted such as "What is the definition of an egg-head?  Someone who calls you Mrs. Arthur Miller.  Any reaction?" and MM's typed response of "As to the joke, I don't think I get it." 



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